More Hats.

So you guys know that once I learn how to make something I just make like a million of them until I have it perfected? (How much easier would life be if I just figured out how to read a pattern?!) So, I think I finally got it right with Wesley’s first birthday present! Here is his awesome little hat. So I actually made two, one for Autumn’s happiest 22nd birthday and one for Wesley. Here they are:

Autumn’s hat (as modeled by me)

The side of Autumn’s hat

Wesley’s hat

The top of Wesley’s hat

Wesley modeling his hat for me

Wesley telling Kaiya how awesome his birthday party is

Happy birthday, Wes!


5 thoughts on “More Hats.

  1. Hi there – those hats look great, and I am sure if you do a little fair and sell them, you will get big bucks. xoxo

  2. I love Wesley’s hat. It fits great and he has worn it a few times when I go jogging on the waterfront in the morning when it’s cooler. πŸ™‚

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