So sorry we’ve been absent

Sorry for not posting any interesting craft related stuff recently. I’ve started another project making a blanket for a friend whose birthday was a few weeks ago (happy belated…) but it’s not quite in a good stage yet, so I will post pictures of it later once it gets a little bigger and more interesting.

This however, was my first adventure in cable knitting. It’s a nice pretty blue scarf that I was able to enjoy all winter long. I finished this over the fall and despite a few weird kinks it turned out pretty nice. The first picture you can see the details.


The top is more like the real color, it’s actually kind of a mix between the two. More of a baby blue. Flash kills me everytime.


2 thoughts on “So sorry we’ve been absent

  1. Um, is it brown or blue? I’m confused. I like that knit though a lot. Have you made a blanket out of cable knit before? I suggest you try if not. Looks cozy.

  2. It’s blue. I don’t know why it looks grey/brown in the top picture, or for that matter, why it looks so bright blue in the second picture. It is neither. It’s a nice pale baby blue. I hate the lighting in my house. It really does nothing for me.

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