How To Dress Like A Disney Princess, But Not Look Like A Disney Princess.

So, today I was feeling a little under the weather, and was watching Cinderella this morning.

And I was thinking, man, that was a great movie. I don’t think I’ve watched that movie all the way through since I was like 8 or so? I’ve seen bits and pieces of it, but there’s a lot to be gleaned from watching a Disney Movie. Like, how you should never trust a stepmother, and that stepsisters are inherently evil, and that you pretty much just need one good dance with a guy before you know whether or not he’s your groom. Am I right? Anyway, while Googling “Cinderella” I came across this website that shows you how to dress like a Disney Princess, without looking like a Disney Princess. I thought it was pretty fabulous, so here you go:








Oh, and they’ve also got some other ones up there, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and The Little Mermaid. Although, I don’t think I’d wear any of The Little Mermaid inspired outfits…the color Seafoam doesn’t do a whole lot for me.

I think I’m going to go watch Lady and The Tramp now. What are your favorite Disney Movies from your childhood (Or not from your childhood? I still love watching animated movies!)

9 thoughts on “How To Dress Like A Disney Princess, But Not Look Like A Disney Princess.

  1. My favorite Disney movie has always been Sleeping Beauty, though Cinderella is a good alternate. The indentured servitude outfit is my favorite there.

  2. haha I love this! my favorite outfit is the first one. possibly due to the toms? lol. I would totally wear that though on a summer picnic outing or something :)

  3. LOVE THIS!! What a clever idea. I’ve been trying to figure out how to dress like a disney princess without actually looking so princessy for years! Thanks, friend!

  4. My favorite was and is Robin Hood. It’s hilarious. And I got it for Christmas last year. The songs are a little catchy, just warning you.

  5. I think my step-sisters are quite fabulous, not evil at all. And I dont have a stepmother but my mom is a stepmother and she’s pretty much the bees knees! :)

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